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Understanding disability services

Disability services support people with a disability and their carers by providing information, advice, advocacy and other services. Services are offered by private organisations, government departments, non-government organisations and local councils.

Disability services are about social justice, not charity or welfare. Disability services aim to give people with disabilities the same opportunities as others in their communities. To achieve this, the Disability Act emphasizes social inclusion and the importance of the participation of people with disabilities in their communities. The Act requires that a state-wide plan be made for people with disabilities that focuses on equal opportunity and supports equal access to their community.

Rise care services has been helping people with disabilities around Queensland Australia. We understand how much support you need, and we’re here to help. Our respected experts can help you find the right care solutions for your loved one. No matter how complex their needs or complicated your situation, we’ll partner with you to find an appropriate solution that fits in with your budget and works for you.

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